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Do your employees project a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism?  

How are their images' aligned with the corporate brand identity?  

Are they dressed to evoke positive responses from your organisationís target group?

Research has shown that corporate image plays an important role in affecting the organisation's sales results.

Clients obviously prefer to buy from reputable companies.  If your employees do not look distinctive in some way, they may be perceived as ordinary and it will be assumed that your products or services are not world-class.  Even senior management will face difficulties in garnering respect from their staff or to deal successfully with high-powered clients if they do not portray the right image.

Increase the Success of your organisation by investing in your employees to help them project a corporate brand that says you are world-class.

At Image Mastery International, we are committed to inspire and empower your organisation to harness the power of image management for professional excellence.



Personalised Services


Have you ever wondered why you keep wearing the same outfits over and over again despite a wardrobe full of clothes? Wearing them never fails to fill you with positive energy and confidence.  Why?

More often than not, these clothes only represent 20% of your wardrobe and you don't even know what is it about them that make them your favourite pieces.

That's where we come in. We will teach you the life-skills that will enable you to look good and feel great.  We can help you build a wardrobe where every item holds that degree of power and importance to portray an image of professionalism, vibrancy and credibility.

Your image can be an asset or a hindrance to your success.  Without saying a word, your appearance can tell someone if you are a leader or a follower, dynamic or exhausted.

A consultation with us is a life-changing experience and an investment in personal development.

You are the master of your life, take control of your image and let it  speak positively for you.

Personalised Services
To discuss your Personal or Corporate Image Management and Etiquette needs, please call Guinevere at 65-81638169 or email us at guin@imagemasteryint.com