About Your Image

What does your image says about you

The way you look and dress announces how you feel about yourself and significantly affects how other people perceive you.  Having the right image for your career and your life is a critical "Element of Success", yet so many men and women ignore their image!

You must look polished and poised from head to toe! When just one element of your image looks out-of-sync or stale, you will be judged as being outdated on your product or skill capability. It may sound superficial, however it is the unfortunate reality of the world today.  Donít lose a client because of your appearance or body language, donít get passed over for a promotion because you donít look the part, get the respect and recognition you deserve, and boost your self-confidence!

Whether you are male or female, young or old, works for a multinational organisation or are based at home, image consulting will help to improve your appearance and boost your career, incomes and personal life!  Dare to be Different today!


Our Approach

At Image Mastery International, we donít just talk about Clothes, Fashion, Make-up or Power Dressing; we take a more holistic approach to appearance.  

1.  Pre-Image Consultation - Understanding Your Objectives

Your personalised program starts with a pre-image consultation to understand your career objectives, the way you look, figure challenges and any other concerns.  This will allow our image consultants to better help you achieve your objectives and advise you frankly on where and how to improve your image.  


We offer a wide range of image services from colour analysis to total image programs geared and customised to your very needs.


2.  Designing a Customised Program - Working with the Unique You to Achieve Your Objectives

After learning about your needs and objectives, we will design a customised program taking into consideration your physical characteristics, personality, lifestyle and occupation to help you achieve the objectives that was discussed and agreed upon. 


For instance, we may recommend a colour analysis to find out what are the range of colours that suit you best.  That will be followed by a figure and style analysis to find out what style and design of clothes flatters you.  A make-up and hairstyling coaching may be incorporated to complete your head-to-toe makeover.  Our services include personal shopping services for those who want professional advice when buying clothes, as well as advice on deportment.

For executives who need to improve their networking skills, our image consultants can also work with you on body language, social, business and dining etiquette to help you navigate any social or business functions with ease and confidence.

3.  Post Consultation  - Supporting You in Your Transformation 

After the one-to-one programs, our consultants will still be there to help you ease successfully into your transformation by providing back-end support in your makeover for up to 3 months after your final session.  They will be there to answer any other questions and challenges that you may encounter along the way.

Remember, your image speaks loudly about who you, so boost your career, incomes and personal life with an Effective Image!  Be Different, be the Stylish and Confident person you have always wanted to be!


Benefits of Working with Image Mastery

1.  Highly interactive classes

You will learn via multi-media powerpoint presentation, role-plays, demonstrations and quizzes.


2.  Highly practical and hands-on lessons

Our content is always current and techniques are taught such that you walk away with the 'how to...'


3.  Loads of fun

We strongly believe that learning through fun results in better internalisation and a better catalyst for attitudinal shift leading to long term behavioural change.


4.  Highly visualised classes

Actual dining sets, clothing and grooming products are utilised in the classes as visual learning aids retention.


5.  Contextualisation

We provide customised content according to your industry's needs for better relevance to the participants' area of work.


6.  Highly recommended by our existing and past clients

Through high-end delivery coupled with affordable quality, we have quickly established ourselves among many private and corporate clients.  We have conducted many successful workshops that exceeded our clients' expectations.


Our services range from one-to-one or small group consultations to presentations, seminars and workshops in both the private and corporate markets.

To discuss your Personal or Corporate Image Management and Etiquette needs, please call Guinevere at 65-81638169 or email us at guin@imagemasteryint.com